The amazing process of putting words together to express oneself is truly an art. Day by day we go passing words and signs and labels. Rarely do we take the time to appreciate how reading is such a huge part of our daily lives. As an educator, I strive to teach students the importance of comprehending a broad vocabulary. Knowledge of different words and their meanings and putting them together the right way is sure to make a child thrive as an adult.


Reading aloud is a huge part of our program. It helps children with mild anxiety become more open to read, speak and listen to others. Reading to a child at least once every day will only help them in the long run. Whatever they choose to do as an occupation, reading constantly at a young age will only help speed along their journey to the future. Once they hear an educator’s tone and confidence while reading, its only a matter of time before they are able to build that same confidence or even surpass it. This is why I chose this path. It is my job and honor to help pave the way for future writers,  poets,  journalists etc. Reading is not only fundamental, it’s truly an art that should constantly be appreciated