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    Kendra Jordan, M.A. SpEd.

    Teacher / Tutor

    My name is Kendra Caroline Jordan and I am passionate about empowering young minds by imparting knowledge and life skills. Knowledge and life skills that will promote academically, socially, emotionally and holistically sound scholars (Yes.  Every young learner is a unique scholar), who will positively impact the world! 

    Masters of Arts in Special Education

    Ashford University

    Childhood Education (1-6)

    State University at Oswego

    General Education Teacher

    Department of Education, Public School 354, Public School 32, Brooklyn N.Y. 11207

    General Education Teacher

    Achievement First Charter School Crown Heights Brooklyn N.Y. 11212

    I first fell in love with education while pursuing my undergraduate degree in 2000.  I attended SUNY Oswego and did not choose a major right away. I then realized that I had a passion for helping people that were unable to help themselves.  In 2018, I received my Masters in Special Education from Ashford University. I was inspired to create My S.E.A.T. LLC by one of my students diagnosed with Autism. When remote learning first began, one of my students struggled immensely. She was unable to complete work and sign on to Zoom because she was unable to deal with this drastic change. We noticed that she may need some one-on-one time with teachers to get acclimated to this new learning experience. It was then that I decided to start my own tutoring business that would assist neurotypical and neurodiverse scholars. My S.E.A.T. stands for my social emotional approach to tutoring.

    Awards & Recognition

    July’s Ozobot Educator of the Month, Kendra Jordan, is one of those educators who gets creative in challenging times. She saw significant pain points with distance learning–particularly for students with special needs and different learning styles–and designed and launched a totally unique tutoring solution this summer with My S.E.A.T.–My Social Emotional Approach to Tutoring. 

    July 2020 Ozobot Educator of the Month